Daily Banjo Licks

Job Openings

Video Editor

Daily Banjo Licks is looking for an experienced musician/video editor familiar with bluegrass music and social media growth. This is a part-time position.

What is Daily Banjo Licks? 

Daily Banjo Licks is an online platform that offers a daily lick for bluegrass banjo players, each containing note-for-note transcribed tab, backing tracks, and song examples.

Job Description:

  • Edit videos for the DBL website and social media accounts to be posted on a daily basis. Usually this is done in batches and is in collaboration with Bennett's production schedule. Take a look at our current channels to get a better idea of what the task will entail- YouTube + TikTok.

  • Come up with creative designs for videos and new ways to engage more people on social media.

  • Can replicate and improve on current video layouts. 

Skills Required:

  • Proficient with video editing software - can make both vertical and horizontal videos for multiple platforms (see social channels).

  • Must be able to identify phrases in the context of a song for "lick icon."

  • Familiar with Dropbox.

How to apply: Contact Bennett Sullivan at dailybanjolicks@gmail.com