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5 FREE Bluesified Banjo Licks Free bundle (5 videos) 5 FREE Bluesified Banjo Licks

These are 5 bluesy licks for you to show off at your next jam! Each lick comes with downloadable backing tracks and tablature. Plus, you'll hear each lick applied in the context of a song.

Here are the licks you'll get:

  1. "Bluesy Chromatic Lick for Fireball Mail" - inspired by banjoist Courtney Johnson, this lick is sure to turn some heads, especially when nailed at a quick pace.

  2. "Bluesy I-V-I Lick for Lots of Standards" - this blues lick is great for ends of solos where there is a I-V-I chord change. This happens in most vocal bluegrass songs.

  3. "Bluesy Melodic Lick for Fiddle Tunes" - This is a G7 scale-focused lick that works great in fiddle tunes like Old Joe Clark and Salt Creek.

  4. "Bluesy Kick-Off for My Little Girl in Tennessee" - You gotta know some good kick-offs for the jam session! This is one inspired by the fabulous playing of Jim Mills.

  5. "Tony Rice Inspired Blues Lick" - This lick is versatile and so fun! It's inspired by the great guitar player Tony Rice.

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